TELIA HUB: Internet Of Things (IoT) hackathon

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TELIA HUB: Internet Of Things (IoT) hackathon -
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Engineers, designers, UX masters, marketers, business developers and curious minds who are ready to change the world – this is your chance to create THE BEST PRODUCT FOR GIGABIT SOCIETY.

Join Internet of Things hackathon, a 48-hour event, which is dedicated to building innovative IoT solutions.

During the event, you will team up with mentors to develop IoT solutions that can offer new experience is your selected area: smart homes, digital security, sports & lifestyle, travel, retail, production, logistics, public transport routes optimization or other. Find new ways to connect data, devices and/or software to leverage extra value for gigabit society!

Participants will be able to participate independently or join other teams.

For hackathon, we provide these tools:
• Telia cloud services for up to 2 months
• Telia IoT 101 in a Box device.
It is a set of hardware with sensors providing you with real time information about position, movement and climate, which you can monitor directly in the web portal. A versatile and user-friendly measurement tool to observe, monitor and protect your business remotely.

Winners will receive the following prizes:
• 1000 EUR CASH PRIZE provided by Telia.
• 1-3 working places at TELIA HUB co-working space for a period of 3 months, including all the business development infrastructure services and member benefits.
• Opportunity to develop the winning idea further, using professional advice by Telia’s experts, technological tools and access to sales channels.

Telia has a strong set-up to build new business on: connectivity, telco, TV and IT infrastructure, a vast amount of network data, extensive sales channels and strong relationship with a huge client base.

Hackathon winners will be determined by a panel of judges comprised of Telia’s professionals and other startup professionals.

Event is free of charge, you just need to register:

The hackathon will be in Telia HUB coworking space at Vilnius Tech Park (Building no. 5). Food and drinks will be provided.

If you have any questions, please email

TELIA HUB: Internet Of Things (IoT) hackathon. 2017-06-09 18:00:00 - .
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