Startup Grind Vilnius hosts Triniti

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Startup Grind Vilnius hosts Triniti -
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Startup Grind Vilnius invites you to meet the managing partner of the law firm TRINITI - Linas Sabaliauskas. In previous events, our guests from Millo & Vinted shared their experience about investment attraction from startup point of view. This time Linas Sabaliauskas will be with us to discuss all the legal investment attraction aspects & give some advices what to do and what not to. The event will take place on 30th August, 2017 from 6:30 - 10 pm at @VilniusTechPark, Antakalnio str. 17 Vilnius. Register here:

Early Entrepreneur ticket - 5.24 EUR. Price will rise on the last day!

Every registered attendee who purchased a ticket will enter a competition for a free one our consultation from TRINITI law firm! There's going to be only one winner so don’t delay - register today:!

Startup Grind Vilnius hosts Triniti. 2017-08-30 18:30:00 - .
Attending: 68 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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