PMDF'14 'How to say something while saying nothing'

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PMDF'14 'How to say something while saying nothing' -
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Assoc. prof. Vilma Bijeikienė is going to present equivocation theory and its application in political discourse analysis. Equivocation is ambiguous, indirect, or otherwise unclear communication. It can be used in all kinds of social settings, for example, public apologies, delivering medical bad news or writing formal legal judgments. As well it is important for politicians, since they have to know how to manoeuvre out of unfavourable situations.
Professor Vilma Bijeikienė will talk about the concept and features of equivocation by reviewing examples form the UK, the USA and Lithuania.

PMDF'14 'How to say something while saying nothing'. 2014-04-28 15:00:00 - .
Attending: 82 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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