Muzikos inkubatorius Novus'17 (04.25-05.09)

  • Švitrigailos str. 29, Naujamiestis, Vilnius, Lithuania
Muzikos inkubatorius Novus'17 (04.25-05.09) - Vilnius
   Atnaujinta 28 november 2017 at 15:33
Nemokamas muzikos inkubatorius „Novus“ šiemet vyks balandžio 4 – gegužės 30 d.
Registracija į seminarus​:

Balandžio 4 - 18 d. renginys:

05.09 Novus #6
19:00 Interviu su Beissoul & Einius + moderatorius K. Vyšniauskas
20:00 Grupių konkursas: Ingaja, Hill Top Sheep, Black Biceps

05.16 Novus #7
19:00 Pirmasis pusfinalis

05.23 Novus #8
19:00 Antrasis pusfinalis

05.30 Novus #9

Pernai startavęs muzikos inkubatorius NOVUS grįžta – dar labiau ūgtelėjęs, dar smalsenis ir, šiemet tapęs tarptautiniu, ieško įdomiausių BALTIJOS šalių talentų. Supratot teisingai, šiemet NOVUS dėl geriausios grupės titulo varžysis ne tik lietuviai, bet ir latviai bei estai.

Muzikos inkubatorius NOVUS – tai įdomiausių ir talentingiausių grupių konkursas bei nemokamų edukacinių seminarų apie muzikos industriją ciklas.

6 nemokami edukaciniai seminarai apie muzikos industriją visiems – ir grupėms, siekiančioms hobį groti paversti rimtais reikalais, ir smalsuoliams, kurie apie sceną ar darbą su muzika dar tik svajoja.
Registracija į seminarus:

I Vieta:
8 valandos profesionalioje XooRec įrašų studijoje;
Video klipas pasirinktai dainai;
Pasirodymas „Loftas Fest“ festivalyje;
II Vieta:
Dainos įrašas profesionalioje Muzikinio Cecho įrašų studijoje.

Taip pat galimybės apšildyti „Lofte“ pasirodysiančias muzikos žvaigždes;
Šlovė ir dėmesys (ne tik gerbėjų, bet ir muzikos profesionalų!)


After a greatly successful first year, NOVUS music incubator is back – more mature, more curious, and recently-turned-international, it’s now looking for the most exciting acts from the BALTIC countries. Yes, you got that right – this year Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians are going to compete for the best band title at NOVUS. And the best part is – the registration has already started!

NOVUS Music Incubator is a platform for talented musicians, singers and music groups. The project is searching for new talents and provides an opportunity for novice musicians to perform on a professionally produced concert at LOFTAS Art Factory.

Participants: Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian music acts of any genre
Statistic: 6 competition steps, 2 semi-finals, 1 grand final

It’s totally worth it! Last year’s finalists have achieved things one can only be dream of. The three acts performed at “Loftas Fest” and other big shows. The first prize winners “Basi” had the opportunity to record their songs at a professional studio and are about to present a new music video. “Local Blood”, the band that took the third place in the competition, were the opening act for the celebrated Americans “Son Lux” at “Loftas” and released an EP; after seeing them at the finals, the “Vilnius Temperature” team found the band so charming they offered to make a video for them. The acts that didn’t make it to the finals also enjoyed a great amount of attention. For instance, “Feather Grey” opened for “Sóley” from Iceland and „MaNNazz“ – for the Belgian siren Selah Sue, while the rockers “Only Once” made it to the international television project “X factor” and almost reached the finals there.

P.S. All the performances are filmed, so every band that participates in the competition will get their very own live video!

6 free educational seminars on music industry for everyone: musicians, who aim at turning their hobby into some serious business, and people who at this point are only dreaming of the stage or any music-related profession.

I Place:
8 hours at a professional Xoo Rec recording studio;
A proffesional music video;
An opportunity to play at “Loftas Fest”;

II Place:
Song recording at a professional Muzikinis Cechas recording studio.

Also, an opportunity to be the opening act for popular bands at “Loftas”;
Kudos and attention (not only from fans, but also from the industry professionals!)

Muzikos inkubatorius Novus'17 (04.25-05.09). 2017-04-25 19:00:00 - LOFTAS.
Attending: 25 (men: 48%, moterys: 52%)
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