Mannheim Forum 2016 - International Day

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Mannheim Forum 2016 - International Day -
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For the first time, in 2016, we will offer part of our program in English language, because we would like to give everyone at Mannheim University and other interested parties the chance to participate in our annual, interdisciplinary student congress. This includes, of course, internationals studying full-time in one of the master degrees as well as exchange students who join our study courses for only one or two semesters.

Each year, the Mannheim Forum focuses on one overall theme that is discussed and looked at from various perspectives. For 2016, the topic is “(without) borders?” (German: (ohne) Grenzen?). Borders – a word that can be associated with lots of different things. Where and how do we touch or cross borders in life? What kind of borders are there in the contexts of economy, politics and culture – and how are we influenced by them? During our forum we aim to find spirited, convincing and surprising answers to this kind of questions. Which borders can we finally cross, which should be reinforced?

All information of what exactly will happen and what to do can be read on our homepage:

We are looking forward to meeting you in March!
Save the date for registration (February 1)
, only a limited number of tickets will be sold on first come first serve basis ;)

Mannheim Forum 2016 - International Day. 2016-03-12 09:00:00 - .
Attending: 72 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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