Gonsofus (ru/hu/sk) - live in Vilnius

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Gonsofus (ru/hu/sk) - live in Vilnius -
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GONSOFUS is coming back to Vilnius as part of their Winter Cruise!

The international musical project of ​multi-instrumentalists ​Sasha Mamaev and Gábor Tokár. The band is known for it’s unique and high-energy style of live performance, with only ​the two of them sharing over 10 instruments and with live-looping creating a powerful​ ​live show with a ​seamless ​sound of a full ensemble. They describe their style as “transcontinental groove” - a positive, uplifting, and creative mix of musical and cultural backgrounds and languages.

Most recently, Lithuanian audiences had a chance to see the band during the summer on festivals such as Yaga Gathering and Masters of Calm, as well as in clubs and venues around the country.

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Gonsofus (ru/hu/sk) - live in Vilnius. 2017-01-07 21:00:00 - .
Attending: 67 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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