Cultural Evening #3

  • Vokiečių g. 4 / Mėsinių g. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania
Cultural Evening #3 - Vilnius
   Atnaujinta 18 kovas 2017 at 16:23
The snow is melting in Vilnius this week. However, next Thursday evening at Brodvejus pub at 19:30, 7 countries will melt your hearts! Because we move towards SOUTH this time: POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, FRANCE, ITALY, GREECE, TAIWAN and BRAZIL. This countries will not let you stay cold that evening with their hot and spicy program.
Don't forget your ESN cards for discounts on beer 1.5 EUR and cocktail 3.0 EUR.
And don't be late! This time we will not wait for long! Let's start together and get warm together! ❤

Cultural Evening #3. 2017-03-02 19:30:00 - Brodvejus pub'as.
Attending: 72 (men: 81.94%, moterys: 18.06%)
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