Brand Storytelling: Tools for Clarity

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Brand Storytelling: Tools for Clarity -
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On June 1, join Sapiegos Series event to master the craft of brand storytelling!

A well-told story makes a brand focused, relevant, and inspiring to both the outside and the inside. Be&Do Brand Storytelling Toolkit, created for stories worth telling, consists of three parts:
1. Explain how brand storytelling works as a modern and agile alternative to classic brand positioning
2. Introduce storytelling tools anyone can use in their business
3. Share examples and discuss storytelling needs and tips

Be&Do is a strategy and innovation consultancy based in Vilnius, currently working with many of the major brands in Lithuania and the Baltic States as well as projects in Czech Republic, Germany, and Iran.

Be&Do specialises in helping brands find out what’s the best they can be, and what they can do to get there. This includes building compelling brand stories, identifying development potential and market opportunities both domestic and abroad, and creating custom innovation for products, services, as well as the brand’s customer interactions.


When: June 1, 16:00
Where: Sapiegos Bistro

Brand Storytelling: Tools for Clarity. 2017-06-01 16:00:00 - .
Attending: 78 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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