Black Data: Vogue Time Down a lecture by Shaka McGlotten

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Black Data: Vogue Time Down a lecture by Shaka McGlotten -
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Korridor - 31.08.´17 / 7 pm

The heuristic "black data" evokes different assemblages of black life in the network. Black data refers to pulsating movements of concealment and revelation—hacking, secret Facebook groups, Finstas, emergent micropublics. It suggests the unknowability of a black box and the violence of a black site and the communality of a black bloc. And it refers to the historical ways people of African descent have been rendered objects of mastery and control, their bodies and personhoods abstracted into commodities, insurance claims, revenue streams, statistical deviations, vectors of risk. Yet black data also refers to black production of black knowledges: astronomy, new technologies like rock n roll or hip-hop, secret signs and cool linguistic codes.

Shaka McGlotten is Doris and Carl Kempner Distinguished Associate Professor of Media Studies and Purchase College-SUNY and a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. Their work has focused on media technologies and their intersection with the politics of race and sexuality. They are the author of Virtual Intimacies: Media, Affect, and Queer Socialities.

Black Data: Vogue Time Down a lecture by Shaka McGlotten. 2017-08-31 20:00:00 - .
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