6th World Lithuanian Economic Forum

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6th World Lithuanian Economic Forum -
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World Lithuanian Economic Forum 2014. Thoughts. Words. Deeds

The sixth World Lithuanian Economic Forum this year will be held on July 7, in Radisson Blu Hotel Lithuania, Vilnius. The event that gathers business leaders, entrepreneurs, creators and successfull personalities of Lithuanian origin this time will focus on two main topics – business and economy as well as education policy.

The main message of the event “Thoughts. Words. Deeds” refers to the aim to make this Forum not only a place for the great ideas and insights, but also to produce specific proposals, which could grow into real actions by the Government, business and society. Therefore along with the speakers presentations interactive workshops will take place, leading to purifying problems of each sector and finding new ways to solve them.

Forum is organized by the Lithuanian Business Confederation in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Ministry of Economy of Lithuania, GLL | Global Lithuanian Leaders and Enterprise Lithuania.

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Attending: 80 (men: 100%, moterys: 0%)
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