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The Skull / Wretch / Romero

  • 2105 - 2109 South State St., Chicago, United states
The Skull / Wretch / Romero - Chicago
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17+ / $12ADV - $15DOS

The Skull
The Skull features original Trouble member vocalist Eric Wagner alongside longtime former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner with guitarist Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn), drummer Brian Dixon (Cathedral) and guitarist Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain)

“The Skull” is made up of a group of very talented members whose main goal is to bring back the unique sound of American Doom Metal band “Trouble” combined with new material which has all the quality and feel of the original sound, plus so much more.

A clever blend of classic & modern rock & metal sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, monstrous riffs, chest pounding rhythms & soaring vocals. Thick, gigantic layers of guitars complimented by intelligent drumming and an utter wall of earth pummeling bass interwoven with the lush sounds of 360 degree Hammond organ.

The Skull / Wretch / Romero. 2017-03-25 03:00:00 - Reggies.
Attending: 85 (men: 80%, women: 20%)
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