Telefon Tel Aviv / Surachai / New Canyons

  • 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, United states
Telefon Tel Aviv / Surachai / New Canyons - Chicago
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9 p.m. / $ 15 / 21+
Telefon Tel Aviv
New Canyons

TELEFON TEL AVIV began as electronic duo (Joshua Eustis &Charles Cooper)converging hip-hop, electronic and soul music during the emerging American electronic underground scene late 1990s. In September 2001, the high school friends, hailing from New Orleans, released their debut album Fahrenheit Fair Enough, on Hefty Records. Living in New Orleans in the late 1990s, Eustis and Cooper were in the thrall of two musical orbits: black America- New Orleans' bounce, Detroits' techno, & Chicago's house, as well as British electronica - Auechre, Aphex Twin, & Jega. The album features delicate Rhodes and guitar instrumentation wrapped in a southern bounce shell, smothered in r&b and cut up by digital rhythm programming.Following the loss of bandmate Cooper in 2009, Eustis spent time on hiatus from the TELEFON TEL AVIV project. But now, after 7 years, Eustis is back working on new material. The music sounds all the more relevant,because the roadmap Eustis and Cooper desired was then ahead of their time. That same electronic sound exists today, almost two decades later. Their debut album Fahrenheit Fair Enough has been recently reissued by Ghostly in all digital formats and vinyl in light of the 15 year anniversary of its release.

Telefon Tel Aviv / Surachai / New Canyons. 2017-03-09 05:00:00 - The Empty Bottle.
Attending: 128 (men: 100%, women: 0%)
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