Springtime Carnivore / Laverne

  • 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, United states
Springtime Carnivore / Laverne - Chicago
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9PM / $10 adv, $12 / 21+
Springtime Carnivore

You know the curious, almost out-of-body feeling you sometimes get when you wake up in the middle of the night, where everything seems a bit fuzzy and you're not sure if maybe you're still dreaming? It's a state Greta Morgan perpetually revisited during the second half of 2015, when she was writing and recording the new Springtime Carnivore album, Midnight Room. "I was on a really jagged sleep schedule," says the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, describing the months during which she worked on the follow-up to her critically adored 2014 debut. "It was the first time I'd ever lived by myself, and there was this bizarre feeling at night of the house being so quiet and being so totally alone. And Midnight Room came out of that."Earlier in the year, Morgan went through one of those break-ups that completely topples your world. Though it was as amicable as those things can be, the twenty-eight year-old musician felt shattered. She began working on songs for Midnight Room during those strange waking interludes last summer, finding an abundance of beautiful melodies in the melancholy ether.

Springtime Carnivore / Laverne. 2017-03-13 04:00:00 - The Empty Bottle.
Attending: 21 (men: 47.62%, women: 52.38%)
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