REZN (Record Release) / Disrotted / Blunt / Bottomed

  • 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, United states
REZN (Record Release) / Disrotted / Blunt / Bottomed - Chicago
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9 pm/ $ 8 / 21+
REZN (Record Release):
Bottomed (Members of BONGRIPPER)

New local doom trio REZN are capping off a weekend of local record releases by celebrating Let It Burn. We last saw REZN when they blew us away opening for Goblin Cock back in October. We couldn't wait to have them here back as they release their proper debut. DISROTTED, formed in mid 2013 by members of other local bands such as PIT OF SPIKES, SICK/TIRED, HATE, and HARPOON with the mindset of playing slow, depressing, funeral paced doom infused with death metal. Also rolled into the evening is BLUNT, a blues, metal, doom-rock band from DeKalb, IL influenced by SKYNARD, HENDRIX, SABBATH, cold American beer and… other things. Opening up this apocalyptic portal is BOTTOMED, the Chicago-based noise/electronics project featuring members of BONGRIPPER. Their low-end, experimental synth sounds are recorded and performed live with actual, physical hardware - none of that laptop shit - and will likely rumble the walls as it turns your guts inside out. This is the bleak soundtrack for entering the void. EDIT: We've heard that BOTTOMED will be likely be playing off a laptop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

REZN (Record Release) / Disrotted / Blunt / Bottomed. 2017-02-27 05:00:00 - The Empty Bottle.
Attending: 83 (men: 79.52%, women: 20.48%)
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