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Revibe w/ Teddy Midnight at Nectar's

  • 188 Main St., Burlington, United states
Revibe w/ Teddy Midnight at Nectar's - Burlington
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The time has come once again for a little foray with our favorite watering hole! Join us as we join forces with the our excellent compadres Binger, and we'll take you there. Yeah, you know the place. Nobody's crying...or worried. But there are absolutely smiling faces. I've never quite understood that part of the tune.

For more tangents, and the funk, rock, and jazzy electronic sounds in between them, join us on the 24th at Nectar's!

9pm Doors
21+ $5

Revibe (BTV)

Revibe is a 4-piece jam fusion band that blends tight composition with adventurous improvisation. The result is a unique and complex sound which transitions seamlessly between memorable songs and energetic improvisational segments. Drawing on a wide array of musical influences, Revibe creates a sound that appeals to a large spectrum of musical tastes. Sets can vary, featuring infectious funk grooves, high energy electro, mellow jazz and heavy progressive rock. Hailing from Burlington VT, Revibe has been building a steady following around New England.


Binger (BTV)

Based out of Burlington, Vermont, Binger create a unique sound using the diverse musical soundscape of their collective influences. Elusively shedding any genre that manages to stick to them (often within the same song), Binger combine elements of groove, jam, hip-hop, psychedelic, progressive, ambient and experimental music to create a sound that gracefully skirts the line between delightful and perplexing; inventing a sound that reels you in, and keeps you there, with a cohesive yet eclectic energy.

Revibe w/ Teddy Midnight at Nectar's. 2017-02-25 04:00:00 - Nectar's.
Attending: 68 (men: 66.18%, women: 33.82%)
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