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New Bomb Turks / Daylight Robbery / Mixed Deuce / Bric-a-Brac Records DJs

  • 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, United states
New Bomb Turks / Daylight Robbery / Mixed Deuce / Bric-a-Brac Records DJs - Chicago
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9 p.m. / $ 20 / 21+
#EB25 Anniversary Series

2017 marks our quarter life crisis, and we want to celebrate with all of you! We're bringing back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

On this here #EB25 Anniversary celebration, we welcome back NEW BOMB TURKS. The NEW BOMB TURKS are a garage punk band from Columbus, Ohio, who first played the Empty Bottle back in 1994. In fact, the only show our fearless leader, Bruce Finkelman, was ever punched in the face happened to be a NEW BOMB TURKS show. The founding members are Jim Weber, Eric Davidson, Bill Randt, and Matt Reber. Sam Brown replacedBill Randt on drums in 1999. Early on their inspiration came from the Devil Dogs, Lazy Cowgirls, Union Carbide Productions, Didjits, and the Fluid. Musically, they are akin to The Saints, Dead Boys, The Pagans,The Sonics or the Troggs. Their lyrics are generally witty and humorous, but have serious themes beneath their sophomorish hooks.DAYLIGHT ROBBERY returns playing dark, intense and insanely catchy indie-leaning punk rock with shouty male-female vocals and serious muscle. The members of the trio have played with some of the best local and touring punk bands around! MIXED DEUCE are fllow Columbus, Ohio rockers, who consider themselves "derivative AF." Includes formermembers of THE BLACK ROSE, THE DAY CREEPER, THE FEELERS, andm, wouldn't ya know, NEW BOMB TURKS. BRIC-A-BRAC DJs kick this evening into gear by spinning the hits.


Thanks to our partners The A.V. Club & Topo Chico USA for supporting our 25th Anniversary!

New Bomb Turks / Daylight Robbery / Mixed Deuce / Bric-a-Brac Records DJs. 2017-04-16 05:00:00 - The Empty Bottle.
Attending: 76 (men: 82.89%, women: 17.11%)
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