Black Atlass with special guest OVERWERK / Jeremiah Meece (DJ set)

  • 1035 N. Western Ave., Chicago, United states
Black Atlass with special guest OVERWERK / Jeremiah Meece (DJ set) - Chicago
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9 p.m. / $ 12 / 21+
Black Atlass
Jeremiah Meece (DJ set)

BLACK ATLASS is the creation of young visionary singer/songwriter and producer Alexander Fleming. With a carefully crafted body of work delivered to the world with his first self-titled release at 17 years old, the prodigious artist has quickly turned from the underground's best kept secret to a singular voice and vision traveling from dance floors to runways across the globe. Not long after his initial self-released debut, his music was earning praise from the likes of Vogue and scoring Louis Vuitton ads, garnering attention from critics and fans and eventually pairing him with NYC-based label Fool's Gold where Black Atlass delivered his first label release, the 2014 EP Young Bloods. His creative output transcends music; from design to visual arts, everything comes together as a full vision, all mediums adapt to his own universe.After a lifelong relationship with the piano, guitar, drums, bass, and trumpet, Fleming adopted samplers and drum machines as a teenager to develop the fully-formed musical palette that can only be described as "the Black Atlass sound." Stopping by to DJ throughout the night is JEREMIAH MEECE, who wears many sonic hats: THE-DRUM, JODY, VALIS, & CLIQUE TALK among them. His projects have always taken elements of both deep R&B cuts and mainstream pop and run them through a spaced-out, psychedelic filter. Mmmm, yes. Very nice.

Black Atlass with special guest OVERWERK / Jeremiah Meece (DJ set). 2017-02-23 05:00:00 - The Empty Bottle.
Attending: 7 (men: 57.14%, women: 42.86%)
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