The Rise of the Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe

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The Rise of the Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe -
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The contemporary radical right has been growing in prominence in Central and Eastern Europe. Why though, have these parties mobilized and how are they attracting support? Right-wing radical groups – both parties and other social/political organizations – benefited primarily by offering an alternative channel for political discontent. In the more ethnically homogenous societies of Central Europe, radical right parties mobilize to keep minorities from advancing. In a more ethnically and linguistically diverse society such as Ukraine, the unpopularity of radical right-wing parties has been countered by an increased social role played by radicalized right-wing extra-parliamentary and paramilitary groups. This lecture will contrast the cases of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary with that of Ukraine, and offer a more nuanced understanding of the activities and motivations of radical right political parties in Central and Eastern Europe.

Date: May 15, 2017
Time: 11:30 – 13:00
Venue: P24, 2nd floor

The Ascendency of Minority Groups and the Mobilization of the Radical Right in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary

Dr. Lenka Buštíková, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Radical Right Party Politics vs Social Movements in Ukraine: combating Russian disinformation and popular misunderstanding

Dr. Melanie Mierzejewski, Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations

Open discussion to the public for Q and A session

The Rise of the Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe. 2017-05-15 12:30:00 - .
Attending: 10 (men: 100%, women: 0%)
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