Quiz League, round 14

  • Veveří 57, Brno, Czech republic
Quiz League, round 14 - Brno
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Round 14 of the Quiz League is here. Sign up your teams on the wall below. Maximum 11 teams, max. 6 players per team, 50kc per player. Relegation rules apply. We start at 7pm and if your team can't make it after all, please let us know by posting.

Relegation rules are as follows: if more than 11 teams sign up (let's say 12 sign up), the team that got the lowest score last week - and has signed up for this week - has to make way. If thirteen teams sign up, we lose the lowest two teams from last week. If that happens, you are guaranteed a place for the following week however.

Any issues, let me know.


Quiz League, round 14. 2017-05-11 20:00:00 - The Immigrant.
Attending: 10 (men: 100%, women: 0%)
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