The Barrymore Theatre - Madison

The Barrymore Theatre

A beautiful gem of a music venue on the near east side of Madison, WI!

2090 Atwood Avenue, ,
(608) 241-8864
The Barrymore Theatre @Madison
The Barrymore was built in 1927 as a movie theatre, so the seating is theatre style. For dancing shows the old orchestra pit is a dance floor. For sit down shows, we fill the orchestra pit with chairs. Contact us if you want to know if it's a dancing or seated show. We have 12 beers on tap, wine, wine coolers, and mixed drinks. You can't go wrong with our drink options! We also have movie theater style food and drink options. Popcorn is our specialty. Popped in coconut oil with no salt added. You add the flavorings which include salt, cheddar, white cheddar, jalapeƱo, ranch, brewers yeast, and sour cream and chives. It has been said that we have the best popcorn in Madison, and we won't disagree.

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