江山藝改所 Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo - Hsinchu

江山藝改所 Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo

迅速找到我們的小訣竅:從 江山街13號(西門里里長) & 15號中間的小小巷子口即可窺見本所招牌~ 還是找不到!? 沒關係!! Call 0976-233-677 會有專人為您服務帶路! 別客氣!!

新竹市江山街17-4號, ,
江山藝改所 Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo @Hsinchu
藝術/音樂/講座/咖啡/酒水/客棧 當代藝術、實驗音樂/聲音藝術/跨領域展演 藝術/環境/人文/社會/公共議題講座 獨立電影放映 公平貿易咖啡、有機茶飲酒水 堅持使用無農藥、無化肥原料 嚴選在地食材 背包客住宿服務 art/music/lecture/coffee/alcohol/hostel contemporary art exhibitions, experimental music/sound art/interdisciplinary performances lectures on art, environment, humanity, society & public issues independent film screenings fair trade coffee, organic tea, alcohol & other beverages made with pesticide-free & chemical fertilizer-free ingredients carefully selected local foods accommodation service for backpackers --- 背包客棧訂房資訊: Hostel booking information: 僅有兩間房間,皆為雅房,共用衛浴設備。 Only 2 rooms with a shared toilet and a bathroom. 單人房為西式床墊。 Single room furnished with a mattress. 雙人房為日式床墊(至多可容納二大一小),附抽屜櫃,房外有專屬的小客廳可供使用。 Double room furnished with a Japanese mat (max 2 adults and 1 child) on tatamis and a cabinet. A small but exclusive living room is included outside the room. 房間內皆備有書桌、小檯燈、置衣掛勾、衣架、電風扇、快煮壺,以及無線網路。 Rooms are all equipped with small desks, table lamps, wooden hooks with clothes hangers, electric fans, electric kettles and Wi-Fi. 住宿房價如下: Room prices: 單人房 平日$500/假日$600 Single 500NTD/per night on weekdays 600NTD/per night on holidays 雙人房 平日$1000/假日$1200 Double 1000NTD/per night on weekdays 1200NTD/per night on holidays (周五六為假日,周日至周四為平日,國定假日及春節等連續假日另行公告) (Fridays and Saturdays are holidays. Sundays to Thursdays are weekdays. National holidays and continuous holidays' booking information will be announced separately.) 我們沒有豪華的裝潢,但絕對提供您乾淨整齊的住宿環境! We don't have luxurious interior but we absolutely provide you a clean and neat environment for accommodation. 並且為了環保愛地球,房間裡並無冷氣,且請大家自行攜帶盥洗用具及毛巾唷:D Please note: For going green, we don't have air conditioners in the rooms and please bring your personal hygiene products and towels. 住宿訂房請填寫以下表格,我們會迅速與您聯繫: Please fill out the form below for booking rooms and we will contact you shortly. 如果有其他任何問題,也歡迎來電03-5266456,會有專人替您解答! For further questions, please call 03-5266456.

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