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In-Sir-Zhay @Denton
Ever gone to a restaurant with a ton of hype surrounding it only to leave with your wallet as empty as your expectations? Ever want to throw a badass, fine dining sort of dinner party? Yep, us too. So 5 years ago we starting doing Underground Dining. We are a team of experts in our fields but aren't uptight. We believe in attention to detail in the kitchen and in the glass but not in being pretentious jerks. We hate over-priced under-delivering food and abhor terrible service. So we started In-Sir-Zhay, a revolution in food. We do everything from cocktail parties to 10 course meals. This isn't catering, this is a restaurant in YOUR house. Check this page for upcoming parties, pictures of meals, and food tomfoolery. Want to host a Dinner? Want to attend one? Cool, contact us and we will get you all the details. Hope you will join us. Our area of service is currently the DFW metroplex.
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